Going into 2017

Even if 2016 was a busy year for most of us,to be honest, there was little activity on our forum and even less on the blog. Masterbuilders isn’t about quantity, but as now its far too stale and silent. We haven’t abandoned the basic idea of this place or Masterbuilders and going into 2017 we will see if we can bring light to this place again. We have started the process of looking into some changes, To remove what have been a barrier to most people that have shown a sincere interest on this page. And that’s were a separator will come in handy. imageszq1l90g4

Growing strong!

Member Full plate has built another beautiful new tree with his amazing and part intensive technique for the stem that really brings things to life. This time a lush Bonzai tree on a delicate table.

Bonzai by Full Plate .

The table and the soil in the pot for the tree provides that extra detailing to lift the build even further. Make sure to take a closer look in his Flickr.

The new King is here!

Master Builders is proud to present the first creation to be published on our front page.
Here is the Royal Palace of Oleon built by our member Gideon.

“This MOC was made for Oleon, the bluecoat faction in the Age of Sail MOCing game “Brethren of the Brick Seas” on Eurobricks. It is showing a part of the Royal Palace where newly crowned King Philip I and Queen Beatrice are residing. The idea was to be able to use it for a “100 % LEGO” photo, where a crowd also was added to make a more immersive perspective of the build when used for it’s intended story purpose in the game.”

Vive le Roi!

Crowd greeting the King and Queen outside the palace.

Royal Palace of Oleon

Pontis Wing, Royal Palace of Oleon

We at Master Builders think that the first photo is splendid with the its use of forced perspective and camera angle that really brings life to the scene and is indeed a fine example of a “100% LEGO” photo. The building itself is very nice with just the right amount of detail, like the balcony with its use of the old light sable hilts and the new grey “gold” bar from the Brickbank set. Its fits perfect between the massive wooden door and the fleur-de-lis and surly fits the new King.  The colours used works very well with the baroque architecture and the mezzanine is spot on under the beautiful roof . We look forward to see any future expansion of the build.